Historical Overview

The rugged, hilly landscape around Valparaiso, Indiana, so different from the rest of northern Indiana, was formed during the last ice age 20,000 years ago, at the edge of the great Laurentide Ice Sheet.  The ice sheet carried rocks and debris from far to the north and deposited it in a wide arc, a halo around the southern tip of Lake Michigan, called the Valparaiso Moraine.  

The Old Mill, Sager's Lake, Circa 1910

The old flour mill on Sager's Lake, circa 1910. www.inportercounty.org/Valparaiso/Lakes-Sagers/

Land was cleared for farming by the Sager family in 18xx, who also built the earthen dam that created Sager Lake.  The dam was used to drive a sawmill (in photo at left), then to grind flour.  Today the lake and forest are very wild, with lots of fish, turtles, owls, herons, and even, occasionally, mosquitos have been sighted.

The Lake O’ the Woods Club was founded as an offshoot of a movement that continues to this day in Germany called Free Body Culture (FKK), which advocates social and outdoor recreational nudity as a good-heath (gesundheit!) practice.  The founding members of Lake O' The Woods, from Chicago, acquired the property around the lake in 1933, and created what is now the second-oldest nudist club in the country.