OK lake o the woods OK to be nude signage copyright2017
We are a family-friendly club for people of all ages to engage in non-sexual social nudity.  Voyeurs would make everyone uncomfortable, so visitors are also expected to, uh, conform to the dress code.  Specifically, nudity is mandatory, conditions permitting, in all common areas -- the Clubhouse building and lawn, the pool and hot tub, and the lake and beaches.

Most of us prefer to be nude elsewhere when it is comfortable, and nudity is permitted most places on the grounds.  We use common sense and cover up if it is cold, too sunny, or whatever.  If you are a first time visitor, we understand that you may want to take your time easing into it, and that’s fine.  

The American Association for Nude Recreation offers some added insights on first visits to clubs: www.aanr.com/places-to-go/your-first-visit.

While walking around the grounds, there are a few places where one has to cover up, to avoid being seen from outside.  These places include the causeway on the far end of the lake from the clubhouse, the dam at the West end of the lake, and near the two gates. Look for the signs.  Your towel or wrap will suffice as a cover-up, and will be useful to swat mosquitoes the rest of the way around the lake.