LOWC welcomes new families and individuals who share our common values, participate in nude recreation and who want to be active members of a co-operative community to apply for membership.  We work together, have fun together and support each other.

Shared Values

What are our shared values?

LOWC is a organization dedicated to family-friendly social nudity and the sense of community that this fosters. 

We intend LOWC to survive in perpetuity as a nudist community.

LOWC is family-oriented.  We emphasize non-sexual social nudity, and all our events and gatherings are family-friendly.  We welcome families and young adults who would like to have an understanding of the benefits found in naturism.  Inappropriate behavior is not tolerated.

LOWC does not discriminate based on age, race, religion, gender or marital status. 

LOWC is member-owned and maintains reasonable fees by sharing work.

Member participation is expected in the maintenance and operations of LOWC as well as in social activities.

Our strength and foundation is in the belief that every member is important and deserves to be treated with respect.  We take pride in keeping the grounds, club house and facilities clean and well maintained. 

LOWC welcomes new members and visitors who share our interests and values!