Just in time for the autumn colors!

The closed causeway has been a huge headache for all members and visitors who live or stay on the South side of the lake. Having to get dressed and drive on the public road to get from one side of the lake to the other has been a real pain in the neck.

The summer of 2015 has also been a challenge for those of us who enjoy hiking the trail around the lake.   Since the causeway was closed in 2014 to all vehicle traffic, hikers were still able to navigate that section of the trail on foot.


Unfortunately, the causeway deteriorated during the summer when heavy storms caused a total washout of the culvert under the causeway, making it unsafe for any traffic.

At that time, the hiking trail ended at the causeway. You could hike either way on the trail from the clubhouse but had to turn around and return the way you came.

However, we are happy to report the causeway repairs are now complete and the causeway is now open to golf cart and foot traffic.  Therefore, the complete one and quarter mile trail loop is open.

Please note, the removal of the fence screen on top of the dam will require another area where a cover-up is necessary.

We invite you to come take a hike.  Enjoy the beautiful fall colors.