Aerial view of LOWC's beach

Visiting is a privilege that may be terminated at any time ~ 

  1. It is the responsibility of all members and guests to maintain a family atmosphere.
  2. Parents are responsible for the behavior and safety of their children at all times.
  3. If you have joint custody of children under 18 you must download and complete the Minor Child Consent Form have it notarized and bring it with you. 
  4. Clothing, of any kind, is not allowed while in the lake, swimming pool, hot tub or the sauna. Visitors are expected to practice social nudism.
  5. Day visitors are generally expected to park in the clubhouse lot, and overnight visitors by their overnight accommodation. See the Gatekeeper for a mirror tag to allow you to park at the East Pier, tennis courts, campground, or elsewhere.
  6. The speed limit on club roads is 15 miles per hour. Watch for golf carts!
  7. Visitors can hike on the hiking trails. A map is available from the gatekeeper. Bring along a cover-up, such as a wrap or towel: Everyone must be covered up to cross the causeway or be in the vicinity of the two gates.  Hikers should respect the privacy of lawns and private homes.
  8. We respect everyone's right to privacy. Visitors are required to keep camera and camera-capable cell phones, computers, tablets, glasses or any other device locked in their vehicle, or use the small lockers in the hot tub room. If you need to keep your phone with you, ask for a sticker for all cameras on your device, front and back. Electronic readers with no camera are permitted.  Only club members are allowed to have cell phones, computers and tablets in the common areas. Pictures may only be taken with the permission of those being photographed and in the company of a board member. 
  9. A visitor's right to privacy requires that his identity as a member be held in strictest confidence. Also, throughout the grounds are private homes; we ask you to respect the privacy of home-owners. No photos of people or private homes is allowed.
  10. Lake O' The Woods Club will not tolerate intoxication and/or obnoxious behavior. Persons of legal drinking age may engage in moderate use of alcoholic beverages at their discretion. No open display of alcoholic beverages is allowed in the common areas except at dinner and evening club functions.
  11. No illegal substances are allowed anywhere on the property at any time.
  12. No glass containers are allowed in the pool area or in sunning or beach areas.
  13. Fireworks are prohibited on the property.
  14. The club grounds are maintained by our members. Please leave them in the condition you found them or better. If there is a work project when you visit, you are welcome to participate.
  15. All garbage is to be placed in plastic or paper bags, and then placed in the dumpsters at each gate. You are responsible for the removal of your garbage to the dumpsters. Be aware that there are raccoons and that garbage should not be left where animals can get into it. Please use the can crusher next to the clubhouse to recycle aluminum cans.
  16. Pets: Except when passing through on the way to and from the dog beach, pets are not allowed in the common areas: near and around the clubhouse, the East Pier, the pool, and the tennis court. Pets must be kept on a leash. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. 
  17. No one is allowed to swim alone in the lake. You must have a life jacket with you at all times 
  18. The clubhouse is available for day use. Overnight occupancy in the clubhouse is prohibited.
  19. Please practice good hygiene and good manners by always sitting on your own towel or wrap when nude. Take a shower (over and under) when you enter the pool or hot tub, every time.
  20. A schedule of fees is posted in the clubhouse. All fees must be paid and a visitor card completed on arrival.
  21. Smoking and vaping are allowed at the red tables and benches only. No smoking or vaping in common grounds (clubhouse, pool, hot tub, lawn, Nature's Hollow, the campground, East Pier) except at those designated locations.

Common Sense and Good Judgment is the rule at all times!